Studio time 1/16/14

Good morning, afternoon and evening it’s lovely to see you today. This morning I’m sitting in my rocking chair pondering what the day may bring. Or what I may bring to the day.

Today I fear will be another one of those days where my patience with myself and mankind gets tested. As I’ll be the chauffeur again today. Let’s just say I will never take public transportation for granted again. As the new house and studio are in the country there is no bus service, that being said having one car and a house of four can be rather problematic if you see me point. Anyhow this morning I’ve been enjoying the company of Trees, Winter Birch to be exact.

Spent some time with chalk and then some paint


Having had PT yesterday I’m a bit on the broken side today so I’m not sure how much actual painting I’ll be doing today though I am fairly certain I’ll be cutting some panels down into more manageable sizes. More tree:

I’ve yet to start the texture on this piece and for good reason. The trees need to appear as though they are coming out of yet etched into the scene. The medium will act as our storm so in my mind there can be no room for error. Those of you who’ve followed for a while know that when I paint I visually reverse engineer the piece in my head before ever painting, so I’ve seen the end result of this piece now the trick is getting my hands to do what I tell them. On a side note the entire Coral and Ribbon Series collection has been sold. So I’ll be making some changes to the gallery pages today. In a later post I’ll make the official announcement of the new collections for this year.

I am humbled every moment by the kindness of others, by your words of encouragement your comments and likes. For those who are new to me here I never intended to “sell art” only to find a place to express myself and share with others the things I see I my head and heart. When someone tells you at the young age of 41 that you have a progressive incurable neurological disorder it kind of puts things into perspective, at least it did for me. I try each day to be better than before. More understanding, compassionate and willing to learn about myself and others. Sure I make mistakes and say wrong things, make poor judgment calls but I’m only human. As I mentioned to a dear friend in conversation yesterday I’m just a dreaming child stuck in the body of a dying man and I’m thankful, thankful for you. Every second of everyday.
Until later then.

Much love and light


15 thoughts on “Studio time 1/16/14

    • Thank you Dawn, it just kind of happened, a friend and client and I were at the studio finding pieces they liked and we realized”damn” you’ve bought them all! It’s time for a new collection anyhow a new year a new studio. I hope the world has been kind to you as well.


  1. And I am forever thankful to have found you!
    Yay to the Coral and Ribbons collection selling!
    I find trees fascinating so look forward to seeing your creations :-))
    Love and hugs


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