For when the death lights come and they will….

What destiny lay sleeping in the heart mankind…
Are we simply pawns of our own creations and demise?
As our world ages and mans times and hearts grow long and cold
I fear we somehow truly have forgotten
Forgotten that we are not the center of the universe.
Everyday I watch as the ignorant scorn and the weak and fearful fall inline.
I wonder where did we go wrong? So very wrong..
Are we destined to kill each other over dirt that nobody
can even remember the true name of?
Nor could any elder on the planet today tell me it’s true location.
Has the well of souls run so dry that we recycle the demons
of our past into the children of today and wonder why….
Why our children kill children
And why nobody cares anymore…..
Why?…! Because we have forgotten to teach them how.
We have let fear and hate into the heart of the masses
and it has grown bolder and colder.

There are no more unlocked doors
Or simple scraped knees.
And gone are the days when we craved summer
for lateness at which the sunset.
For monsters walk among us now and we feed them
fear from the mouths of our naive babes.
Darkness….Darkness everywhere.

Silence… soft as feather falling could hear her name
whispered on the wings of angels sleeping in the night.
And she cried one pure tear of love
one pure tear of sorrow for humankind and hope was born
to a farmer and a simple girl in love…. Destiny ….
Does man make his own destiny or is it written in eighths
when measured in song, sing a gentle peace back into the land.
Give verse to the mute and paint to the blind…..
Live free of hate and hurt.. Love with wild abandon and be judged
not by others but by your heart and your heart alone….
For when the death lights come and they will….
Go in peace and leave love and kindness
as your legacy.

The end ….

1/15/14 11:03 pm PST


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