Feels like forever….

Hi, thanks for stopping in. It’s nice to see you again. Things here today have been a whirl wind of things to do besides paint šŸ˜¦
Somehow this morning I was able to complete the first piece in the newly titled series “Goodnight Moon” Robyn, Thanks for the series title I love it!!
This piece is complete though I almost hate to call it Blue Moon 2 because to me it actually feels like it’s name is
“New Moon” and yes though scientifically not correct I’m not a scientist nor do I think the moon will take offense. So today I give you two pieces that are complete
New Moon
Mixed media
20″ x 24″

I’m having it framed professionally so I’ll post one last picture when she has her party dress on. I also completed the tiny little piece
Approaching Storm

I’ve been trying for the past 4 hours to get this posted. I’m running out the door literally as I type. Off for more taxiing of the people.
Much love and I hope the day was great .


19 thoughts on “Feels like forever….

  1. Spectacular – as always! Your magical paint brush has given us so many moons ~ all unique and brilliant in their own right, and all softly whisper to us: “Goodnight”
    …Love your new series Benjamin ~ infinite potential!


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