Greeting Humans…..

Hi!!! I’ve had way to much coffee. O.O
And I’m picking up Gryphen to go run errands and will probably end up drinking more coffee. I’m finding in the studio and the new house that the best time for me to paint is probably between 3 AM and 5 AM as that seems to be when I have the most energy and the most free time. I’m sitting in the car currently waiting for Gryph to hurry up and get his twitchy self ready and thought I’d do a mini update. Here’s a long at the status of some things you’ve seen and some things you haven’t.


Then a little paint that was tossed around this morning bright and early.



Just the first few colors the tall piece and a simple wash on the tree. Later today I’ll be putting the last 5-6 layers of varnish on the Blue Moon 2 piece which I believe already has a person interested in it but we shall see.

Right then I’m going to take my over caffeinated self out into the world so beware if you see a super wiggly guy out there being a good ball, yes that’s me ๐Ÿ˜€
I hope you have a super fantastic day!!!



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