Studio update 1/12/14

Good morning, well morning for me it is. I’ve been up since about 3a trying to get things settled in the studio. I have to say it’s been pretty slow going but that’s a Parkinson’s thing. Yesterday I had some pretty big ups and downs. The show at Crema has been canceled do to technical difficulties but was rescheduled for March. I also had a meeting with a new client yesterday that went well. I look forward to the challenge of painting for someone I don’t know at all. So this morning if feel like I’ve started to get my groove back on a bit. Last night/ this morning I started this piece, it’s called “Symbiotic


It’s really just in its development state but so far feels like it is going in the right direction.
I also continued on the glazing of the Moon piece,


I’ve also been working on two larger pieces this morning . One is a mixture of texturing techniques


One of the pieces that I’ve had more requests on but was destined for a home before it was ever started was the Last Tree


Well I’ve been thinking about a piece called Winters Birch and I decided to start it today.


Both the tree and the textured panel are fairly big 2′ x 4′ or 24″ x 48″ they are also just in the very very beginning of the stages. With the tree I’m actually working backwards if that makes any sense. I’ll be doing the painting and blocking things in then the texture then more color and depth this way it allows me in a way to carve out the space the the tree (s) 😉 will occupy. I guess we will all just have to wait and see what happens. Oh and just in the interest of sharing so many of you were kind enough to tolerate my madness during the move I thought I’d share how the studio has turned out this far.


The sitting area.



On a side note I met with the curator for the cities art collection and they would like to do a press release and potentially a meet and greet type of affair for the paintings in the teen scene area as it’s completely funded by the arts endowment fund. I’ll keep you guys posted as that develops. Well it’s time to go. Thank you so much for stopping by it’s an honor to have you with me on this journey and as always
Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.

Much love and light.


11 thoughts on “Studio update 1/12/14

  1. the moon is coming along very nicely and beginning to glow and has a bit of a sheen to it, i love the birch, and am excited to see where it goes, i always love the concept of ‘stark’ or stripped down, so i’m curious since you’re working backwards, the show was meant to be moved as you have so much on your plate right now and is all good. as for the studio it looks very warm and welcoming, with the chairs and the beautiful rug and the rug and the colors, you’re doing well with all of it my friend.


    • Thank you, the thing I like most about the studio this way is I have two stages from paint, to observation ( rocking chair ) to sitting. The sitting being really a place for guests but it houses some of my Japanese and Chinese collectables.


  2. The New Studio is suiting you well… such creative juices flowing!
    Kinda groovy too 😉
    Symbiotic feels like something ready to burst!
    The Moon is perfect… colours and peace ❤️
    The Tree one I too adore!


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