Blue Moon ~ Update 1/10/14

Good morning I hope the day has found you well and in a place where you are supported and loved. I have a busy day ahead filled with the business of art which by far is my least favorite thing. The two should remain separate completely in my opinion. I was in business for 26 years and I’ve been a painting for 37 and I’d much rather paint πŸ˜‰
This post is dedicated to one of my closest friends and supporter of my art. As she recovers from an extensive surgery. Thanks for the song R, I love it!

Here’s a quick look at the progress of the latest moon piece. Please forgive I tried to take pics in different light to capture the inner glow that is just starting to develop. It’s only shortly after 4a pst here so it will be a while before natural light can come into play.




This piece so far maybe has 30 micro layers of glaze and paint out of the 100+ it will get so it’s far from done but it feels like it’s heading in the direction it should. So again this is where we started

And who knows where we’ll end up but as it is in life so it is for me in painting. It’s more about the journey we ( I ) take to get there than it is about the end result. For I do feel that if I am truly pouring my heart and soul into a piece it’s message will be conveyed.
Until we meet again,
Be Brave, Be Bold and Thrive in the life you have.



15 thoughts on “Blue Moon ~ Update 1/10/14

  1. it’s gaining it’s soul quite nicely, benjamin. and who ever knows where our journeys will lead? our task is to let them flow, be open, and follow as the path becomes clear.


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