Studio update~Blue Moon 2

Just a quick little update on blue moon2 first we started here

Then we took a journey here

Then a quick little hop to the color shop

Then a little minor under layer adjustments


Now this next shot will make you think I’ve lost my mind. Why? Would I do this? We light can not just be… It needs to come from somewhere. It is ethereal but also needs to be grounded so we go here

Now if you remember from the earlier post the end result will be a rippling effect hopefully of a deep rich blue/ green with a glass like quality and a soft tunneling glow of guiding light. In reality these are layers 4,5,6 of what could take 100’s to achieve the before the desired effect starts to come through. Thanks for stopping in today as always it’s wonderful to see you and I truly appreciate you coming by.
I hope the world is kind and generous with you today and you to it.



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