2880 minutes and counting…

Good evening, morning and afternoon. I needed to see the pieces laid out for the Crema show going up this Saturday and I thought I’d share them with you. I’ll of coarse take photos from the hung show. But in this format I’ll be able to see how the flow looks without breaking my rib more by shifting painting around the studio. The show is going to be an interesting mix of very old and very new. I’m going to try and group within this post as they might be on the walls.

Autumns Passing

As I” **lay me down to sleep

Angels and Demons

Then below it will be

The Many Faces of Me.

An ode to DeKooning “Moving on

Passions” from the coral series.
This piece if I’ve counted my spacing correctly will help Segway into some 11’/12′ Parkinson’s series pieces that have never truly been seen publicly, I’d like to show.

“Sabbia” and or

“The Long Road”
Both of these older pieces were done on a very heavy composite fiber board that has been sealed then textured making them very difficult for me to hang by myself, we shall see as even the most recent joining us on this journey have probably surmised by now when I’m determined to do something I’ll do it. I’ve even contemplated showing “foot’n mouth” an oil painting I did some 20 years ago.

It is a small piece only 8×10″. Well then it’s pill time (4:00a) pst and coffee time so I’ll bid you adieu temporarily. I hope where ever you are on whatever day or time it may be when this reaches you that you know your important to the universe. There’s only one of, special and perfect in all that you are. Embrace yourself so that others may see your light shine as I have.

Much love,
“a life in progress”


17 thoughts on “2880 minutes and counting…

    • Thank you I really appreciate that. Personally that piece means a great deal to me. Painted during my DX process as I started to realize things as I knew them really were going to start changing dramatically and it really was going to be a long road.


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