The Art of Art**originally posted July 2013


People have often asked where the inspiration for blue moon came from. Here’s a hyper close view of the painting I drew inspiration from. If you can pull in close to my piece and you’ll see what I mean

Over the years I’ve drawn inspiration from so many sources, people,artist, music,lovers,silence and of coarse emotions and nature.


It’s hard to say who or what has influenced me more


Juan Miro or Picasso.? Certainly Dali and Ernst surrealism have inspired my style


Picasso esc themes can be seen through out many of my pieces, even hints of DeKooning and Jasper Johns, Pollock and Franz Kline


Then one day I think I came into my own:






It’s been an honor and privilege over the past year plus to be able to share my heart and soul with so many of you. Thank you for being on this journey with me, I couldn’t do it without you.

25 thoughts on “The Art of Art**originally posted July 2013

  1. I’ve not seen the third one up from the bottom ’til now, fascinating shapes, light and texture…for me, and I may be way off the mark here, but for me, I feel the presence of a crown in the background, each holding an instrument and playing at the same time, then in the foreground I can feel a bird with it’s wings spread wide, protecting the peaceful calm and softer light.. there’s a sense of tolerating the crowd… more dissanance brought to harmony, I love it


  2. So many of us struggle to find ourselves and never really succeed. You seem to have done that through your art,which is an amazing thing.


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