Blue Moon 2

First I wanted to thank everyone for your kindness on my rough start to the day. Unfortunately PD meds wear off pretty quickly so missing a CR dose is kind I a bad thing. Excuse me I digress. I did managed to get some painting time in today. I’m sure I could have painted much more but I really needed to take it easy.

I had one more pre-made panel left so I decided to get started. I’ve been missing a certain painting ever since I sold it. The original Blue Moon painting was the header of my blog for the first year plus I started here. The photo below will look very similar but will not be the same once it’s completed.


I actually intend to incorporate a number of techniques that I’ve been using for years. I’m going to try to create a silky almost glass like lacquered look with layers of glaze and pigment. By alternating colors I should be able to give an almost solid dark color, say blue/green an inner glow. Possibly like light dancing off the tops of small ripples in a pond smooth as glass. Of coarse it’s one thing to see it in my head and another to get my hands to create it. But usually when I can see a paintings finish so clearly I can make it happen. Tomorrow I’ll be spending the first part of the day in PT then hopefully having lunch with a friend. I also need to find a small low table to go with these chairs which will be delivered this Saturday afternoon. They will be replacing the sofa currently in the studio guest area.
Well, it’s been a delight to have you drop by today as always your amazing, brilliant and an amazing person.



10 thoughts on “Blue Moon 2

  1. Your resilience knows no bounds! You’re a bit like a ‘blue moon’ yourself ~ exceptional. (See this is what your final para are like except they tend to be a lot more lyrical and poetic.) Have a great day.


  2. Oh, that reminds me of when I nearly passed from this world… I rose up a blue tunnel just like that! Be really interesting to see how it turns out Those leather chairs look very comfy. I try to fill my home with natural furniture… wood, cotton, wool, silk, marble, pottery products and cork tiles. Don’t always manage it but I definitely feel better when I wear all natural fibers and materials such as wool and cotton so I try to stick to that regime.


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