Framed~ Autumns Passing

Last fall I met a wonderful human she and I shared a love of the written word. She also became the owner of Green Girl as so often people find my art when they need it most. Through my communication with this person I was inspired to paint a piece called Autumns Passing. Which was actually inspired by an amazing photo I found on tumblr. I have been given permission to release Autumns Passing to the gallery section. So to commemorate her final evolution I’ve put her in a frame befitting a queen. The piece itself has 24 carat gold luster paint mixed in with many of the layers of varnish as well as some direct application. Gold being something I rarely use I found to be rather challenging yet I believe it truly added the glow of warmth that I was looking for.

Autumns Passing is about just that, the change of seasons in our lives as it is in nature. So today I’m very honored to give you
Autumns Passing

Some standard closer views;



Autumns Passing
*framed 28.5 x 40.5
Mixed media
1/4″ birch panel
**See Gallery 1 for details
*** this piece truly is a tribute to my friend who is a tireless volunteer and advocate for the homeless in her community a loving mother and spouse. And most of all a bright and shining light in an often sea if darkness. Gia, thank you for being who you are. Namaste.**

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