Will you let me lay next to you in the quiet of the morning?
Chasing stars with butterfly nets as we did when we were young.
Wearing hats that smelled of old books and shoes two sizes to big.
Long walks in spring rains and fires at the lake.
Let’s pretend we are them and they are we.
Just for a moment let’s give back these pens and paper.
Stow away these rules and red tape,
And simply run.
Once again to laugh with a child’s heart and love as if it was the last day forever.


**apparently I have words to share today. As most of you know I don’t write. I gush for lack of a more literary term. The words come, I speak them into my phone as clearly as I can until they are gone and then they end. So please forgive grammatical errors or lack if stanza or clarity. For they are simply my life and thoughts in the form of black and white dots and dashes scattered across the universe.



37 thoughts on ““Dreams”

  1. “I don’t write”…?!?
    How deeply your words reach into the heart of a moment, rip it out and hold it up for inspection in its raw honesty.
    I’d call that writing… 😀
    “I don’t write”… *wanders off shaking head*


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