“As I”

As I lay me down to sleep
As I lay me down to sleep I pray The Lord my bones to keep.
Wrap them tight in angels wings
Hear the trumpet how it sings
A tune of love and loss of things
For the brace of a lovers touch
A simple kiss to seal the wish
That sleep…..will come to my side.
Take these burdens, shakes and things.
And wrap them tight in angels wings.
I give you all a soul to steal
keep it gentle for it reveals
all its hopes, thoughts and dreams
in paint and prose of complex things
Good night………good morning……. Good afternoon……..
As I settle into this studio and life I ponder the things around me. And question everything as I’ve always done. Depth of human heart, the mind and souls relationship. Our human existence and relationships to each other. I guess one could say I’m bit melancholy today. I’m surrounded by the “stuff” of my life yet I feel oddly empty. Could be the PD, could be the meds or simply the new year. The studio had it’s first visitors yesterday and there where 3 pieces sold and many more put on reserve which is a good thing right? Maybe I’m suffering from separation anxiety. Who knows.
It’s also possible I simply need to lock myself in the studio and paint I’m not one for the business of art as a matter of fact I dislike it a great deal but tis the way of our world. A kind word and handshake don’t get one very far anymore, sadly…. Anyhow enough of my morning wandering mind. Happy weekend I hope it finds you well.

Much love and light


9 thoughts on ““As I”

  1. benjamin, at times, i also need to lock myself away from the world for a bit, to regain my strength and balance. i understand that.

    you are in a period of deep reflection and change and a questioning of all that has meaning in this world, and your body, your heart, and your mind are simply acting out those feelings.

    i wish you a measure of peace and calm and comfort on this day, and moving forward,



    • Thank you Beth very much for the reminder I failed to give myself. To keep moving forward. I have some very huge ideas for some paintings literally bursting out bit have yet to find my center to unleash these feelings. As always you see me so clearly and that I appreciate dearly.


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