Letters to Friend.


Such a gentle journey in the heart of kindness
flows all possibilities to the end of a long road less traveled.
Does your heart ache at the changing times
or do things of the coming past give you strength
to live a brighter day today and shine on for all to see.

I give you my heart in place of yours
Fear not these death lights dear one for they come in peace
to take your resting bones to place of holy.
Rest in the hearts of all who have loved you and always will.
Cry not for the passing and fill that space the pictures and
Dreams of the times gone by so that you may give that light
to all that continue on this earth.

Please take my strengths when you need it most
for I will borrow more the sun.
Please have my hand when the standing on ones legs become more to bear
than it ever has ever been.
Know that I am and will forever be for I always have and will always be
your friend.


30 thoughts on “Letters to Friend.

  1. Dear BEN

    Your words touched my heart deeply…
    Reality? Metaphor? Dream? Life and Death? For me your message meant what true friendship is al about: LOVE for one another as friends – and in such a way that it surpasses death… I take your hand, my faraway friend… and I give you mine… no matter you live up North… deep true feelings have no frontiers…

    A wonderfully happy XMAS ro you and your loved ones!
    With a tender hug,

    Mirna Cavalcanti


    • You are right Mirna 100% absolutely right. Free unconditional never ending love and friendship. Heals all wounds, eases mind and body. As the hearts of many feels the soul of one another.
      I hope you are well and feel the love of the day.
      Your friend up north


  2. Much love and ease to you who are finding words and applied shapes and colors through your own wonderful lens to share.
    You supply from source so much for so many – and the many who love you send supply right back – 10fold.
    x! marga


  3. ❤ (As they say on Facebook, and nowhere else… ) So will the book be ready for next Christmas? :p
    Have a great one in your new home. Much love to you and yours from the pair of us.


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