Thank you…

How does one “fight the good fight”? How do the weak become strong or the timid become brave? Because of people like you. And how does one truly give thanks to gifts they receive in life? There are so many ways that one can give thanks.

So it can be said especially during this holiday season I’m thankful for you. I appreciate you. You’re words give me strength, inspiration, hope, courage and passion. So thank you. I know so many of you ( us ) enter this holiday season with the burdens of the year behind us but still full on your backs and minds, you may wonder how,? How can I ( us, we, you and I ) go on? I’ve felt the same many many many times. When I was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease I had really no idea what to expect. Then slow, steadily and with out fail I watched as if from the outside my life fall away and I had very little if any control. Slowly I lost my ability to communicate well enough to run large companies the only thing I’d done since I was 18 years old. I watched as my body, a once well trained fighting machine became weak and unbalanced. I watched as my once steady hands began to tremble like a cold baby bird. I was scared, still am, but then something happened…..I found you, all of you and you found me.
So today I give thanks, thanks for my life that I have, for the friends and family that I’ve made with many of you. For it is the strength, hope, courage of many that build a world so strong with a voice so loud that nothing is impossible. It is because of you that the world is a better place. No matter how far beneath the struggle of life you may feel from time to time know one thing. You are strong, you are brave and you are beautiful and intelligent, worthy of all the good thing life has to offer. I believe in you, I appreciate you and I am thankful for you.

Happy Holidays everyone. Without you I never would have had the strength to become the man I am today.

1970 ~ current a work in progress



44 thoughts on “Thank you…

  1. Only very special people can find and live joy amidst adversity and you are one of them – such a pleasure to know you, to connect for moments at a time through your written words. Happy Holidays Benjamin to you and all those that surround you with love and peace. Much more joy to you, Ina


  2. You are such a caring and loving young man.You were a cute and adorable baby to. You’ve grown into a handsome young man, intelligent and talented, gifted person that you are. Happy Holidays to you to.


  3. May i say tonight how much you have blessed my own small world? how you have lightened the load, offered a strong shoulder, given all you could and offered more to one you have never met… you are a treasure and tho you quake and shake, so do i, my friend… and many more besides quaver, waver, fall on the floor and many other lovely things as bodies fall apart one way or the other… i hope for you a slowing of progression of the PD in 2014 and pray a cure is found to at least stifle it’s march toward the bleakness it offers those who suffer from it. as for me i shall continue my fighting on my own front knowing in back of me are those like yourself. and tho we probably will never know one another in our skin bags, it is of no matter really… our spirits have touched and that is perhaps the greatest wonder of them all. much love, dear friend. and do take good care of your trembling hands and body. i offer my hand to hold yours… xox


    • Always my dear friend, always. Once a knight……..Sempre…
      If you deem it so we’ll meet. If not we’ve met as you’ve said in ways these borrowed bones could never know. Be well my dear.


    • Thank you that’s very kind of you to say. I think it’s important especially for those who don’t know it, but we all share that strength and in doing so make it so much more than it was. As everything is born of one seed and nurture properly will grow for all to enjoy.
      Merry Christmas,


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