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So I’ve been trying to get this post put together for a week or so and have come to realize I will never complete it this year if I don’t just post it. There are so many more blogs that I wish to add to this list but I find I simply do not have the time or energy these days to do so. If you follow my blog and I follow yours then know you should be on this list. I simply have just run out of time, so please feel free to take an award and follow the instructions appropriately. I love and appreciate you all a great deal, I wouldn’t be here today without your support. Each one of you has touched my heart, healed my wounds given me light in the face of the heart of darkness or simply amazed me in so many ways. I think I may just continue to up day this until te end of the year. To many people I like to nominate 😀
And now I’m paying it forward by nominating:


30 thoughts on “Blog of the year

  1. Hola Benjamín, felicitaciones por esta nominación, que muy merecida la tienes
    Por otro lado agradecerte por haber nominado a mi blog para esta distinción, que agradezco y me pone muy orgullosa.
    Que pases una hermosa jornada..


    • Thank you, I usually don’t do the awards thing, not because I don’t appreciate them but bc it’s hard for me to pick the next nominees. But this award is one of my favorites bc it happens only once a year.


  2. a very deserving award, my friend. congratulations…. and my gratitude to you for sharing it with me. it is so very much appreciated. i am really terrible with follow thru with awards but promise i will… just a wee bit distracted just now. xox


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