A warm heart

To those without heat I give you my hearth.

To those without love I give you my heart.


To those with no vision I give you my eyes
For you to see the world as I do.

To those without strength I give you my courage in hopes that you will find the strength you’ve always had

Take all these thing and tuck them away
Save them for another day.
When life gets hard and these things above
Seem to vanish from us and know that they may
Have faith my dear one, these memories will stay.

** I could never find the words adequately to say thank you to all the people who
Daily and freely give me a small piece of themselves, so I will simply continue to write and paint my heart and soul for the world to see and judge me by in hopes that someday a few things may happen. One being the world will find humanities heart once again. Two, that society will once again see that true passionate art isn’t dead. That the master painters of the past are not dead but simply have changed their names. The ideals, heads and hearts are still very alive in others. And lastly that we, you and I will once again learn to live simply of heart and mind, free like a child yet with the wisdom we’ve earned.


Enough words for now.
The End.

29 thoughts on “A warm heart

  1. I was on your blog while I received your comment. Thank you Benjamin…the words you wrote here were simply fantastic. I hope everything is going on great with your life and that painting and writing will always be your source of endless inspiration.


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