Things I saw and how I see them 12/5

I have to admit I’m not sure what to do without my studio. For the past 3 years I’ve done pretty much nothing but paint. With all the stress of the holidays mixed with the pressure of moving , I feel like I’ve just run 200 miles. I’ve been spending some of the 20-21 hours a day I’m awake to do some writing and today I was able to take a few more photos. Please join me as we look at another addition of Te things I’ve seen.

After Hours





Still though one of my favorite love sayings is from
E.E. Cummings
Though love be a day and life be nothing, I shall not stop kissing
Which I think at some point in the near future I shall have tattooed on my body.
I miss painting for you, for me… I miss sharing my heart and soul with those whom I’ve come to know and love, respect and cherish over this past 1.5 years. 8 days and counting till the movers come and take on the burden of moving the heavy stuff. The hardwoods are in at the farm house and the carpets were being laid when I stopped by this morning soon the dream of my new home and private studio will be a reality. Another thing I can’t wait to share. Until we meet again. Be brave be bold and thrive in the life you have.

A work in progress.

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