Something Red…….

For those who have followed my blog for a while or know me personally know that I often express great frustration about my local art community. Well I think they’ve finally found a way to keep me quiet. Last night was the 11th annual Something Red juried art show. It is a month long show where local business hang artists work during the month of December, I entered last year and didn’t even get a nod for showing up. I’ve expressed my frustration of being recognized worldwide but never receiving any type of “atta boy” locally.
Well, no longer:

Sanguine Moon
Held her head high last night and brought home this;

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I would take first place in the 2-D Art section. There were 3-D (sculpture) 2-D (painting) and Photography and Digital art as the category this year. Needless to say I am humbled so deeply. I was hoping for an honorable mention I just wanted someone in my home town to acknowledge that I don’t suck as an artist. I can now feel highly validated in my home town. Yay!!
It comes at a perfect time for me personally, between the moving and packing, Parkinson’s and broken ribs I’ve been in a pretty low place. I have 9 days till the movers come to finish what we’ve started then the studio can be put back together and the creation can begin, well I can put to panel what I’ve been creating and seeing in my head. On that it’s time to get my day going further, to all,

Thank you for your support of me, my art and soul.
Much love

42 thoughts on “Something Red…….

  1. Congratulations Ben, you are an awesome artist and I can’t believe this is the first ‘local’ award for your beautiful artwork. Well done on the Blue Ribbon. Wow, I just had a vision of a ‘ribbons’ in blue piece! ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Well done! Oh, im so proud of you! You definitely deserve recognition, praise, adoration and all other positive motivation that will make your days brighter and will give you a sense of pride of what you have achieved! Awww this is brilliant.
    And that creation was among the ones that i mentioned to you that should be your best “red”…


  3. sometimes it is the hardest for people to see what lies right in front of them. i’m happy they finally opened their eyes to recognize the genius in their backyard. long overdue )


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