There comes a time each day that I fear the most. When all the voices fade away and the lights get turned down. I’m left with just myself and my demons. I found this image on tumbler the other day that visually expresses it fairly well.

It matches a waking dream I had when I was less than 8 growing up at my grandparents farm house.

Have you ever really really admitted to yourself what you fear most? I fear death. Not to be confused with dying but the precipice between life and death when the mind is panicking going through its fight or flight animal mechanism. That feeling if utter helplessness. I’ve come close to death a number of times in my life. I’ve even stood right next to it as he chose another instead of me. Still to this day death scares me. Dying not do much I’ve come to grips that we were all born to die and have been doing it well since the second we were conceived.

I know there’s more after this journey it’s the next birth I fear or should I say the shock of it. Any how sorry that’s depressing as hell. It just got very quiet around here tonight it’s dark, cold , raining and in general pretty crappy outside right now. Mixed with all the things that are changing it kinda puts my head in a strange place. To end on a positive note fear, speaking from experience is a powerful emotion when tapped into can be a huge source of strength. So do not let fear control your life if needed take fear by the hand understand it, respect it and then move on. So please always remember to Be Brave, Be Bold an Thrive in the life you have.
Today is a new day a new chance to be amazing.

26 thoughts on “Fear…

  1. I can totally identify with this, Ben: I share your feelings about death – and ‘Mad World’ is an absolute favourite of mine: I cry whenever I listen to it. Fear is a huge part of my life and, although I wish it were less so, I always worry about people who claim that they feel little or no fear at all. I guess we just have to hold the fear-tattered raiments together and march on into the next lull, the next mini hope. Hugs and love, Ali xxx


  2. You are a beautiful soul that always has such wise, comforting words for the rest of us…..even in the middle of your own fears. I fear the same moments, as I came that close, too. The thing that gets me through is knowing Jesus and His loving arms will catch me as I am moving from life to death. You are in my prayers. xx.


    • Thank you for reading them my friend. Life has many fears and joys like a rainbow of emotions. I think the trick to it is to not let anyone singular negative emotion control ones actions.
      I hope you are well.


  3. “take fear by the hand
    understand it,
    respect it
    and then move on.”

    wise and valuable advice my dear friend. It is having the courage to embrace the fear and acknowledge it that somehow disempowers the fear. I know this is true. Thank you for always being a guide, and reminding us of these deep important truths we often forget. Love and Blessings, RL


    • Thank you my dearest of friends. I’ve been doing a great deal of self discovery as I push my boundaries during this next phase if my life. I’m thankful to have you in this journey.


  4. Wise words, dear heart…
    i completely concur with you that fear is a powerful driving force, an energy all by itself and tho it can be destructive if allowed free reign, it is one powerful motivator as well.

    i think there are some of us who’ve held the hand of fear since we were wee ones and somehow come to some sort of understanding outside of our consciousness… not that it’s easier but perhaps just easier knowing the ultimate lesson on the other side….. as for death, if anyone says they are not afraid of death, i would say they were not seeing clearly, if we could even define it. death seems to be an eternal mystery or else it is the great nothing but i don’t happen to believe that since my experiences with death have been too strong to the contrary…. it is an amazing mystery, one so tightly held, so secret, i wonder what we have in store but then i realize i am already there, both here and there and so what is there to fear…. and around we go again. 😉

    blessings upon your big heart, my dear friend. ♥


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