In each day we all make sacrifices
Choices and walk a path that is
Unique to ourselves. Some of these paths
Are forged in time by the universe and
Some by our own creation. I have been given
The gift of paint and words as well as Parkinson’s
I will never, give up, ever! Not till the death lights come for my soul, will this knight give up his post
And sworn duty.

Much love and light.
Benjamin M Prewitt
“work in progress”

15 thoughts on “Clarification……..

  1. I am happy you are not giving up! You have lots to offer still. Your fans won’t let you give up!! I wanted to write something more meaningful but it’s late here and my brain isn’t cooperating 😛 lol

    Namaste ❤


  2. Beautifully said Benjamin! Sometimes we have choices that come with consequences, & sometimes we just get a “gift” that changes us, is usually difficult to handle, but how we handle it is OUR decision/choice. Blessings to you Benjamin! 😀


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