The Last Pumpkin…

It’s quiet tonight, the kind of quiet
that makes you wonder what everybody’s doing.
Only the distant hum of cars far away. People blissfully unaware
of the calm and quiet of the night.
It’s to cold for the crickets
and I fear this time of year
for my frozen frogs.
The bats have all gone home for the winter and the small birds
hide from the hawks durning the day.
Tonight’s quiet
more quiet than normal….
I like it this way….

Don’t go in the dark door…..
You never know just what’s in store
Behind the dark door……

One might find grapes of wrath
Or mayhaps devine wine…. Any how or way it be, I think it’s time to….


*Con tutto il mio cuore che ti do tutto ciò che sono.
Semplicemente un uomo con qualche vernice e una parola o due troppi.

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