Change and Stuff

Good day, I hope your all doing well and enjoying this fine day on planet earth. I’m not sure whats in store for me today but I must say my head is so full of everything right now im finding it hard to do anything. I need to run some donations to a local place here shortly, i also need to get the rest of the tags up for the show down town. I think the stress of traveling and moving and hanging a show in such close succession is (was) a bad idea. I’m finding myself not painting or writing much. I’ve fallen back in with that damn monster fatigue, My arch nemeses, I do hate him so. Ive been stretching and working out everyday and I still feel like crap. They say its because of the way my brain has changed due to the PD that I or my brain interprets pain diffrently, what ever it is its kind of a bummer 😀 Ive just today added some more things to all the “shops”

Print Shop

Gallery 1

Gallery 2

Well I think we should look at some art and get on with the day, its just about 10a here and Ive a ton of stuff im not doing that needs to be attended to:


A piece we havent seen in a long time


Sabbia is still one of my favs, though im not sure why. I think its because it was done when i finally started to come to terms with my PD like I was trying to explain to someone the other day. Accepting a thing for what it is doesn’t mean that one has given up, it simply means they’ve (ive) come to terms with , Progressive, incurable, degenerative, three words you really never want to hear in the same sentence especially when its directed at one self. But it is what it is. Anyhow i have a cat how’s trying to invade the keyboard so i must be on my way.

Much love.



10 thoughts on “Change and Stuff

  1. Your art, words, music…all of it a learning experience I have come to look forward too, thank you for doing what you do, and sharing it with the world.
    “yesterday” – was a song i was meant to hear today, thank you.


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