Today I choose…

Each day as we wake to face the rising sun we choose.
We choose to smile or frown
We choose to see the world in
Only a way that we can, a way through our eyes and our own interpretation
That make this life bearable and unique
To each one of us.
Today I choose to live with strength and forgiveness.
Today I choose to let the demons of yesterday die the a day gone bye.

As I rise on this day of all days I ask for forgiveness
Today as I rise a search the morning sky
For the strength to live my life with a pure heart, mind and soul.
For many in the world life is long and hard or full if the mundane.
More so than any can know sans those who live it through there eyes.
Today I choose to keep moving forward who will you be today?
Will you change the world or fall asleep as it passes us bye.

All my love

21 thoughts on “Today I choose…

  1. This is very inspiring..
    It reminds of, ‘dont let the world change your smile
    Rather let your smile change the world.’ Thinking of you Benj. (=


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