Thing I see and how I see them

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done one of these posts. Just after my diagnosis on one if my short term leaves. I started walking every morning in our down town area. I enjoy the town and it’s store fronts but I’m not a fan of the hustle and bustle. Not only is it good exercise to keep my joints mobile as the pd puts it’s strangle hold on me but being red green color blind and just simply having a creative mind I tend to see things highly different than most people I’ve found. I often have used nature as an inspiration in my textural techniques be they cracks in the ground or gnarled branches, stout trees or brilliant colored leaves. Below you will find photos that have been manipulated in a way that I hope gives you an idea of what I see was the literal flood of images race across my mind when I see these things on my walk.

Beauty in its many forms

There is always a way out

I love fall

Worried, tense, pit of the stomach kind of grief.

So many flowers 😉

The lonely tree
This tree and I had a moment, yes I talk to trees, don’t you? Bugs, animals, the wind and rocks…. Is that wrong of me?
I just want them to know that at least some of us (humans) haven’t forgotten that all living things have a voice and it’s man that has forgotten how to speak and listen to the world and not the other way around.
Any how, thanks for walking with me today. As always it was lovely to see you and have you by my side.
With much love and respect.

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