Yours, Mine and theirs.

Staring at the reflective pools of my past as they stare back at me,
I wonder who he we I have become and where all the time has gone.
In what feels like the last days of this journey I often ponder the course of action in a life and how these things of the past have created a future unknown yet so relevant to the time at hand.
Each day I am graced with the breath of life I’m thankful to still see through these mirrors, these pools of liquid that cause to manifest the being that I am today.
In such conflict of soul bound by deeds of the past and a longing, desire to fly the oceans free yet trapped in a body that by far has seen brighter days.
Confronted by fix it’s and sad eyes as they wonder where I’ve been and when I’ll come back?
Ironically I’ve been here the entire time unknown, unknowing of the real he me and I.
With this body so shakes and quakes the night away frozen joints pull and push against the doors of time grasping for one last push to full feel the sunlights joy on my face. Tis a night of pondering and wandering the halls with tiny brushes and bottles of pills.
All to give light to the darkness
and theirs…..
The end


24 thoughts on “Yours, Mine and theirs.

  1. i have no eloquent words….none are worthy of this, of you. i but wish – even for a moment – you could see YOU through my eyes. feel YOU from my heart. know YOU from the depths of my soul. love this. them. him. you. x


  2. This made me cry Ben. You amaze me with your, artistry, clarity, strength, and depth. As Alienorajt said, a sane true voice in a world of pretense. ((hugs))


  3. And tis…your night of pondering– has produced such deep and profound reflections, such moving words for us all to sit with, to process, provoking emotion that leaves us pondering life’s purpose, and enriches our own souls . Once again, you teach, with grace and sincerity that speaks volumes beyond the words.
    Blessings and Love ~ and Gratitude…


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