Autumns Passing ~ Completed

Autumns Passing
Mixed media
W/gold luster
* in the following shots you’ll see a number of pictures taken with different lighting. There is both silver and gold flake paint used in this piece as well as the standard oil/acrylic varnish I like to use making I’d very difficult to get a clear non reflective photo, please enjoy.






**As each year passes bye and I watch autumns come and go , the children and trees grow, lives come and go.
With each leaf of yellow, green and gold
I’m told the wiser we will be.
Mist covers the windows to my soul
As this next Autumns Passing, her and I continue growing old. Another year of silver and gold.


27 thoughts on “Autumns Passing ~ Completed

    • Thank you, this fall means a lot to me. So different than any before for many reasons. I’m glad you like the piece and I hoped the words would fit I wrote them spontaneously as I got to the end of the photos.


  1. This is an absolutely stunning piece ! And the poetry along with it bought me to tears your work and passion never cease to amaze me my friend !!! ….. Big hugs xxxxxooooo


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