Studio Update 9.20.13

The art of abstract expressionism is a tad tricky I think when one is not only working with a natural medium (wood panels) but also as Ive mentioned before letting nature do what she does but at the same time creating a sense if balance and control out of the chaos. Here is a quick update
On my current piece. You’ll have to forgive the poor lighting and my oh so fancy iPhone camera 😉 please enjoy:


The thing that I’ve been doing this afternoon is creating points for the eye to rest, depth markers that keep our brains from simply checking out as the heart tries to ingest what it’s looking at or perceiving.







Sadly neither of the full piece shots worked to capture the true colors of this piece one was taken outside the other inside and again neither are what I see when I look at it. I will reshoot this evening and post a far better set of pic then. Thank you kindly for spending a few moment in the studio with me I do so enjoy your company. Please remember this is just the companion painting there will be more topical texture and forms added to this piece once the back painting is done.

Much love


11 thoughts on “Studio Update 9.20.13

  1. I can so so many things within this design…. stunning so far ~ I can’t imagine the way you make your way through these masterpieces of yours… always fascinates me to share in your process… ~ Love & Light


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