Work in progress~ finding balance through change.

With in the constrains of our life here on earth one of the biggest challenges is maintaining balance through change. Would you agree? Even though its the one constant that we’ve had since birth we Human-beans have a really hard time managing ourselves and others through change if we didn’t we’d all be living in a Utopian society. The images you’ll see below are not to terribly different than the ones I posted earlier but the sharp eye will catch the subtle changes at play. Again this is only one piece if the pie so to say. I hate to call it an under painting because its far more than that it is the change it is the chaos. The final piece will be my personal interpretation of Maintaining balance through change.
A 36″ x 36″ x 2.75″ mixed media abstract expression piece by me:

And yes I went there how could I not play this song, with this piece.






Much love and light.

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