The Day, some paint and a tune.

I couldn’t rightly leave my only post for the day that depressing piece of shite I posted this morning 2:38a. Today I think has been coming for quite some time. For the past few months I’ve been observing my body slowly loosing control of its self, new pains, new physical and emotional challenges that kind of came to a head today. Thankfully I have a pretty responsive medical team so as of now I’ll be seeing my GP, neurologist and psyc all within a span of two weeks and hopefully I’ll be feeling a bit better by holiday.
So that’s The Day:
Some Paint:

Yes I’m cheating and recycling year days photo, this morning I was able to sand and prime this piece for its 3 rd and 4th time. By tonight it should be ready for a base coat of gesso which I will let dry overnight before I attempt to add any color. This piece I’ve already completed in my head so once the texture is done the painting should go semi quickly. On a positive note Green Girl will be leaving for her new home tomorrow.

I have faith that her new owner will cherish her as much as I and many of you have.
Some unplanned words previously posted but I felt worthy to read again.

My Muse: My Escape:My Soul

As the pain creeps in and the shakes soon begin
I’m taken to place where my head starts to spin.
Of lovers lost or soon to be found. Of things I’ve forgotten
Or left on the ground.
A passage a puzzle a place in my heart
An ending a torture my muse is apart,
Of life and love or little white gloves
Please chase away this pain.
Give me shelter inside a place I can hide
From angels and demons
And reasonable reasons.
One night, one kiss, would I remiss
The brain wants what the body can’t have
And the heart can’t handle.

And now for a tune:

The words to this song really hit the point for me.
Okay well that’s about what I left in me today. PT this morning was challenging as I new it would be. But what the one thing I always try to tell you and remind myself of?
“Never Give Up” today I was close, closer than I’ve ever been. Thanks to a few kind words, beer and a ton of sleep I have at least one more day of fight left in me.

All my love and thanks to those who have seen me this far on the journey, I couldn’t stop now, there’s painting to do 😉

*feature piece
Pi guy and the cowboy

30 thoughts on “The Day, some paint and a tune.

  1. happy to read this post, always remember that thread of hope, each day is a new chance, fresh and filled with limitless possibilities. i really like this post because it is like a performance art show, beautiful paintings – in process and complete, poetry, music, and prose, all wrapped into one – wonderful. happy you have a team of docs and team of readers and admirers of your spirit and your talent and just you as you are. ) hoping you find your peace soon, b (p.s. i love green girl, green is my favorite color and very magical for me, i’m happy you’ve found her a good home)


  2. I’m glad ” green Girl found a loving home I’m confident they will cherish her , also happy that you preserveered today get some rest my friend and hopefully some sleep so that your dreams can bring you some peace ❤❤


  3. I’ll try to get your little book out asap. Sorry I didn’t have time today, but I’ll try again tomorrow. I’m sorry you’ve been having such a difficult time. I know how discouraging that can be, but never give up. That great team of Doctors you have could come up with something special any day now! 😀 Sending prayers and blessings your way!


  4. With everything that you’re going thru, it’s good you have your art that you can lose yourself in.
    Btw, what do you prime your panels with before you gesso?
    Thoughts and prayers…


  5. Oh darling so wish I lived closer so I could be there for you on days like this… you are amazing and so positive, hugs you tight!

    I love “Green Girl” so pleased she has found a nice home!

    And I agree with L’Adelaide your heart is so beautiful and loving, you enrich my life daily with all that you give out into the world! And I am so grateful to have found you my dear friend!

    Sending much love and peace xox


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