A Sparrows Heart~ Words with wings.

To what song does the night sing a lullaby of lost love and contemptuous beast.
As my heart sinks like a raft with no bindings my stomach churns as though
Caught in a maelstrom of life’s discontent
I search for sweet solace and surrender.
An aching so deep inside the minds eye
Of soul searching bliss finds only fear and frantic fervor
no discord can ease this pains and woes.
Life’s burden grows hard against the numb skin as the touch falls from the mind,
Like toys left behind, lost but not forgotten.
Sigh….. Does this day have no fleeted wings to carry this heart to a happier place…
Has this mind forgotten what peace feels like? Looks like,taste like?
For no fruit is sweet on my lips and no fragrance fills the air of these hallowed halls.
Only crickets on a warm summers dawn…
Only echoes of tomorrows dreams that become today’s disappointments.
Gone are the days of wine and roses.


23 thoughts on “A Sparrows Heart~ Words with wings.

  1. beautiful longing, not quite yet surrendered to. i sense a glimmer of possibility, which is all there need be, like a slender thread of saffron turning a bowl of bleached rice to a beautiful yellow. there is always a chance for a return of joy and fullness of heart.


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