The Story

Hi there good morning, wont you please come in. It’s great to see you again. Please have a seat I have a story I’d like to tell you. It’s a bit of a love story a bit of a tragedy but then again what great love story isn’t? Are you comfortable? Good. Then Lets begin.

The story of Big Sky:

There once was a man so smitten in love that it took all he had to give. Now granted he gave it all freely without remorse or regret but none the less it was given. Until one fine day he found he was empty. He ached for love, he ached for a connection. Over the years his skin had turned to stone from so many times the world had knocked im down and torn little bits of him away. This slowly but surely lost his soul and heart to the world around him. In his solace he came to a place quiet and serene and he sat. He set his worried mind aside and sat empty from life’s turmoil, hungry for compassion and the need for contact, empty from the giving and blue. For he saw no end in sight for his great journey no reward or light at the end of the tunnel.

Then one day while sitting a fair maiden came to sit by his side. Yet she to was broken from the world, abused and battered subjugated by society. She felt powerless with no hands to change the course of her life, powerless to run and hide from the demons whence she came so she sat with the man and they talked. With out stretched hands she yearned to ease his pain but life had taken that joy from her, only her inner light could cast on the mind of his lost soul. For she to was empty, void of the fertile life-giving essence of her female powers for society had made her faceless. One of many, just another pretty face striving to be another pretty face. Yet it was here and only here beneath the Big Sky that they too could find peace.

He with his empty heart and stomach, hungry for life with a head so fully of dreams and desires but with no means to see them to the real. And her with the Depth of Woman but no voice to speak or hands to shake in repute. No feet to flee to a better place so they sat… They sat beneath the Big Sky and wept, wept for loves lost and life cruelty, wept for the children born with no faces or places to call there own.They wept for themselves as I weep for you.

Thank you for letting me tell you The Story of Big Sky.

May your day be full of laughter and joy, may you reach new heights in your understanding of yourself and those around you. And please be Kind to one another for if YOU are not the who will be?? Think about it…… If we all assume that the next person will be the one to step up and perform that act of kindness then are we not ALL in a perpetual cycle of denial. Be the change, Be the voice, Be the one that makes a difference in the world.


Benjamin M Prewitt


41 thoughts on “The Story

  1. Benjamin, this feels very close to my soul. I am moved to tears with the beauty and tragedy of your story. It makes me feel joy while at the same time have heartbreak. This too touching for words.

    I will simply say, amazingly wondrously heartbreaking.

    Much love and hugs!


  2. I loved this story, it mirrors my own life so much. I only wish for a happier ending but at the moment it doesn’t seem so. “Be the change you wish to see in the world” I can tell you live by that motto. We should all take a page from your “book”, your “story” Thank you for sharing.


  3. a campfire story, staring at the sparks, the voice soft and gentle lifting the sands of time and placing their words at my feet. 🙂


  4. Sad and yet heartwarming too… they shared tears for all the loss and pain–but still they were –sharing. They were together under this vast and beautiful “Big Sky” — and it was here they found their peace…🌙 your story touched me deeply – and this painting is amongst my favorites- magnificent!


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  6. thank you benjamin for taking the time to read my words. now that i’ve connected back to you, i feel very lucky to have found you and your words. i look forward to more – peace, beth


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