Studio update~Big Sky

Hi, today I’m giving it the ole college try to basically kick myself in the butt. I suppose part of my issue lately is I’ve no real sense of accomplishment. Working in large scale surrealism for me is a huge trial. Small details that need to be fluidly executed, heck there hard enough to do in the best of circumstances. Now try doing it whilst holding a motorized hand mixer in your hand πŸ˜‰ it gets frustrating to say the least.
But so far today I feel moderately accomplished I’ve added the base detail of another element of Big Sky that I’d like to see in the final piece so please if you will Big Sky


Again just still in the blocking and so small highlight stages of this piece, very soon this week I hope I’ll start on the real fine definition tuning and shading. This piece is large 3 feet by 4 feet painted in both a classic bold stroke technique developed 1000 years ago and a very fine blending technique used often today. The one rule that I like to break as often as possible is the light source rule. Personally I’m not very found of it. Often I’ll employ a radiant light source as if the viewer themselves are the source of light for the work. But really that’s just me being a rebel and not following “rules” oh well that’s me always has been. Well I’m off to go see If I can get a sneak peek at the ribbons piece I have at the fair. I never heard back from the judging so I’m sure I didn’t place. Which I will not rant about today.(probably)
Much love and light, please be kind to each other if you don’t, who will?


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