Studio time 7/21/13

First I have to say holy smokes did you know RD jr could sing? Who knew..?

So we started here a few days ago:

Then some strange guy came along and textured it, let it dry then wiped a bunch of yellow paint all over.


All kidding aside from there I carefully mixed a reddish, purple ish color which you will probably see completely different than I and came up with this.


Big pieces are so challenging to photograph for me big ole painting and tiny little phone camera.
Here are some close up shots of what’s been happening





I’m going to refrain from saying which direction I’ll be asking this piece as I have a couple of ideas and honestly I don’t want to be swayed in any direction and if it doesn’t work I can always blame the dog…no I don’t have a dog… Okay well that’s it so far. My little lunch break of forgetting to eat lunch an posting on WP instead is over its time to get back to work.
Words of the day: Strength, commitment, hope…. Love.


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