Oh how I hate waiting for things to dry… But with a tiny bit of energy left for the day and a house full of people I managed to work on a couple of random things.
Some of you may remember this piece, it was the prequel to “Bamboo” (balance and humility)

And this poor piece which has been this strange transitory piece that has worn many hats since its wrapper came off.

This piece received some varnish, blues, yellows and oranges today we shall see if it stays like this or if I’ll just paint over the whole thing again and start fresh.


16 thoughts on “Waiting……………….

  1. Sounds you’ve had a busy day, glad you got some paint-time in, Benjamin… I’m intrigued especially by the prequel to Bamboo, I’m going to have to dig through your older posts, I’m missed out on a lot!


  2. That last one that you might paint over. Do it if you want to, but I really like it! It weird because usually I can’t stand aqua and that blue together, but somehow with the way you have it, it is striking to me. Maybe it’s because you have the right combinations and particular golds, reds and darks. I like your leafy stuff. πŸ™‚


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