PM~Music and Thoughts, maybe some painty things

In a way it was a pretty amazing day. It started no different than most of days, 3am came I woke made coffee, sat outside and watched the sunrise. Pretty much what I do everyday. My PD was pretty active this morning as yesterday I walked with the kids a bunch. Around 8-9a received a message from a FB friend interested in some prints, yay I’m thinking. As the conversation develops
It turned out this friend works for the Feds and is doing an article on disabilities, livinging with them,recognizing the limitations and understanding there impact on what one might have considered a “normal” life. And guess who gets to be interviewed? Me!! Yay. The article will from what I understand also cover some of my artistic pov on the healing or therapeutic property’s of art and my message of positivity in overcoming day by day the challenges of Parkinson’s disease. So after about 3 hours of studio exploration and interview I was wiped out had my standard lunch of dried fruit and nuts then took a nap, nice long nap. 🙂

This morning I did manage to texture that large cradled panel I picked up the other day and put the final touches and varnish on
Playing with Fire

The big board

4ft long 2ft wide and 2″ deep with any luck late night or tomorrow I’ll start the color washes and initial glazes for this piece. As soon as I can or am permitted I’ll expand more on the interview and keep those interested posted. Other good news it’s been slow going do to my recent physical limitations but, 2 of the 5 challenge pieces will ship so both North and South of the country and my UK brother will get a tracking number very soon as things are finally packaged, I really need an assistant at this point. Well it’s taken me like an hour just to type up this tiny little post I’ll update later if I can.
Happy Saturday I hope it’s been a good one for all.

14 thoughts on “PM~Music and Thoughts, maybe some painty things

      • Oh, you eat very healthy stuff! I am ashamed to say I like cookies and other sweets too much to be so good 😉


      • Haha, well it sounds like you still eat very healthy. I am too obsessive so whenever I have eaten healthy only stuff in the past I go orthorexic (healthy food eating disorder). It’s just an extension of my tendency to restrict food in general though. So I have to force myself to not pay much attention to my food beyond it being vegan.


      • I was raised pretty oddly when I loved with dad he was vegetarian and a major health food guy. But I spent so many years bouncing between grandparents farm and his place. So the meat and veggies were always super fresh/safe.
        Really the only “meat” I eat is chicken and fish. But I admit I’m a carnivore well omnivore technically I suppose.


      • That’s okay. We have to eat the way we feel is best for us. I used to be very black and white regarding vegetarianism but I have learned to see shades of gray 😉


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