Second Layer~traveling painter

Good morning,afternoon and evening. I hope the day has found you well. I have been in my favorite headspace today, the studio. Regardless of where I am if I am engaged with paint,passion and purpose then the studio and I are one.
Please enjoy layer two of this three panel piece.

As I start to define and shape the character of this piece I will try to include close ups of each panel in the correct succession so you may come closer to seeing it as I see it.
Panel 1:

Panel 2:

Panel 3:

Currently there are multiple washes of blue over the yellow we saw in previous posts as well as the natural marbling that happens with this style of under painting. I figure I’ll give it the better part of the day to dry and see if its ready for varnish so I may continue onto the next phase of this piece.
Thanks again for coming by the studio
I hope this fine Monday has found you well, Be brave it’s only Monday for 24 little hours 😉

Much love and Paint

12 thoughts on “Second Layer~traveling painter

    • It does surprisingly, especially for me since I already know what it looks like lol I’m just desperate to share the step it takes to get there, but as they say its often bout the journey as well.


    • Thank you kindly, this adventure has turned out to be highly motivating. In many ways. I look forward to continue to share many more world in the future. Today I spent the day with Van Gogh,Picasso,Pollock, Warhol and a variety of amazing German expressionist. I do hope you day went well.


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