What to do….?

Each day as the dawn draws back i hear echoes of thoughts waft through my mind of things to come and things gone by.
I sit and ponder the gifts of the day, my breath, my heart, my love and compassion for all living things. What gifts we bring to the world and what we
ask in return from this perilous oh so vast expanse of space we occupy.

Today; ups,print store,car wash,studio, my favorite place the paint store. I don’t work in the sense of what 95% of you do as I’ve been on full time disability since 2/19/13 but as you know that freedom came at a great personal cost. I am burying this next bit deep in this wordy post because it is only for those who take the time to read all the words. I have a chance to occupy a studio space in my town it would give me the opportunity to bypass the local, ” arts and craft” galleries that abound in this town and open a real working studio. If anyone wishes to contribute to this happening email me personally for the details, as a painter I have only one gift to give which is my work in exchange for such a chance. Today brings great hope to our world for it is a new day, a new chance to be the great humans we were all born to be. Some of us writers of words for lovers and lost souls or painters of things yet seen by this world. All of us are equally important and gifted in each right. Never forget that. Who you are and what you bring to life by simply existing is a gift unique only unto yourself, something know one besides you has to give. So shine on, the star that you are and look no further than the mirror in front of you for the beauty and strength you seek for its been in you the entire time.
All my love, all my strength I give to you for I need it not on this day or any other.




20 thoughts on “What to do….?

  1. So is the gallery a definite thing or a possibility you’re considering?

    You know I hate the word “work”! It always conjures up a narrow definition of what it is and typically has to be paid for. I feel like I work more now that I am unemployed than I did employed. Partly I say that because the work I do doesn’t end with a pay cheque so it is personal reward only. Besides that I have been an informal caregiver of sorts to my dad which also is unpaid-apart from the fact he doesn’t charge me for living with him and he pays most of the bills. But I just dislike the word because of what it has come to mean for me: paid employment. I don’t feel like I fit in easily in most jobs I am qualified for.

    Sorry none of that was directed at you, just me complaining! Edit out my self absorbed rant if you want 😀


    • By all means my frown rant away 🙂 the gallery I came down town today to talk to her but she was (is) still out of town. I’ll go come down again tomorrow to talk to her. I’d very much like to do it. Makes me sooo freak’n depressed to walk the galleries here. I’ve submitted to ALL of them with no luck. I don’t mean to sound full of myself but I think my art could Stan on its own and I have a good message about over coming obstacles and thriving with a disability. Sigh time to go home and paint.


      • Aw, well I hope when the gallery person returns she’ll give you a space for your art. What type of art do the galleries host generally? I mean for the ones you get depressed by!

        It’s good you’re aware of your talent and not lacking confidence. I see that as positive because being self deprecating or having a low opinion of yourself wouldn’t be healthy.

        Fingers crossed things work out for you 😀


      • Thank you very much, they tend to host mostly, barns and landscapes, lighthouses and country scenes. All very well painted but the town it’s self is fairly “good ole boy” if you don’t kiss butt then they don’t recognize you. Or if your younger then they assume you have no talent because you couldn’t have painted long enough. Thought I’ve painted for 30+ years lol. Any how I do believe given the chance to be seen that people would change their minds.


      • I see. That stinks then. Not that folksy stuff isn’t nice but surely there’s room for other art like your’s. Maybe you could bring some cupcakes and suck up! LOL 😛


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