Two newest edtions

I would like to thank everyone who patiently watched and waited as the Process pieces were completed here we have Both Strange Love and Angel together at last.


012 011 010 009

” Angel”

24′ x 24″

mixed media


hand glazed and varnished.

250.00 usd


20130525-142212.jpg 20130525-142203.jpg 20130525-142224.jpg 20130524-100500.jpg

Strange Love

24″ x 24″

mixed media


hand glazed and varnished.

250.00 usd

As an artist I get no greater pleasure than creating and sharing my work with those who care to see it. As a younger man I wanted nothing more than

to paint and write. To be able to share my words and passion for color, texture and motion with the world. It’s safe to say that I have achieved that goal.

As I wrestle with my Parkinson’s daily it fills my heart with joy to know that there are those of you out there who root me on daily, for it is your belief in me that gives me the strength to wake up everyday and do what I do.

So Thank you.

All my love


25 thoughts on “Two newest edtions

  1. And thank you for sharing all your truly amazing work, which is highly inspirational for me. Stay positive and smiling. Always. And create. Please. That’s our joy over here.


  2. There are quite some textures in the painting. If I can ask you, why often there are such a lot of sharp protruding shapes in the painting? What are you seeing that I could not see?


    • The veins in the leafs, the cracks in the bark, layers of lightening on top of lightening. The epidermis under a microscope. The vein in marble, are all things I’ve drawn inspiration from. These pieces draw from the ocean coral and the fossilized remains of plants.
      Thank you for your comments,


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