Midnight music & words


As the sky opened up and invited out my heart for one last dance, we played in the moonlight, talked like lovers and bathed beneath the stars.
For tomorrow my love I start a new quest for I have found my armor.
Into the deepest hole I fell with demons and dragons, angels with no wings to carry me home.
Their I lay for a thousand-thousand day and night till I saw hope.
One piece at a time I found them, hope and heart, passion and love. Honor and pride and the will to fight again.
For I have polished my armor and sharpened my sword, Demons beware for the white knight has returned. With sliver tough and oceans for eyes, the blacks of souls to lead you from the night. Take my hand my love if you dare.
Our journey awaits.

A night of limitless possibilities as 1/2 the world sleeps and the other awakes to another day, time and human perspective being relative only to the ones who hold them. May your day be full of the things you need from it and little of the things you don’t.

Good morning/afternoon/Evening.



9 thoughts on “Midnight music & words

  1. How did I miss this one? Beautiful words. Very moving. And it seems I am most drawn to the layered colours and their energies of texture. Let me see one in blues please 🙂 (Cheeky woman puts in request! ha)


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