The Giving

Once maybe twice in my life have I ever experienced the depth of kindness that I received from my family here in the UK. The Bear and his Mrs. ~Sue,Nick and Steve plus a whole host of kind souls I’ve met this past week.
I have very little in the way of things to give as everything I “have” is given. So to those I leave behind here I give love, thanks, strength and hope. A Kneeling Knight readying to serve at call and a painter who knows but one thing which is to paint from the heart.

“Mother dressed in Blue”

“The Light The Love”


I sit in the airport 1 of 3 awaiting for a 13.5 hr flight pondering the changes in my life,heart and soul.
As the sun crosses the sky so do I.
Is I look to the sea I see me.
These borrowed bones come home
Alone barren and sore
Yet a heart full of heaven.

Ok, it’s official I’m on empty, London kicked my ass. I lost count of the sirens after the first 40 or 50 rather a system shock after coming from the country when the most offensive sound was the beauty of a spring lamb. I board minutes so until St.Paul check in I leave you with these thoughts.


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