Good morning, Couple of questions I would like to pose to the universe.

#1. I was thinking of using the “revised” Artist statement as my press release, the one that I intend on sending to Art publications and Parkinson’s publications Nation/Worldwide

Any feedback on this subject is welcome.

#2. Below I will be posting some Art that I think should go with this statement and I would like someone other than myself to help choose. It’s one thing for an artist to look at the work and like or dislike a piece for a number of reasons but honestly I’m not going to go see my work at a gallery show. So pretend with me for a moment that by some act of magic that I got a show in your town which of the painting would draw you from your cozy home and compel you to come to the show.


“Blue Studio” 24 x 36

"Depth of Woman"

“Depth of Woman” 20 x 20


“Angels and Demons” 36 x 48


Bamboo 20 x 20

"Waiting on a Spanish moon"

“Waiting on the Spanish moon” 24 x 24

"From darkness to light"

“From darkness to light” 24 x 48


“Youth” 36 x 48

Now sad to say I could go on and on with pieces that I like for a number of reasons. For that very reason I ask the attention of many to help give perspective on this subject for me. Please feel free to DM me on Twitter or message on FB, email directly or simply post a comment heck if you knew my phone number you could call and we could talk about it. Below I will link the revised Artist Statement so one can look and read as if you’ve come to the Gallery for the first time. http://wp.me/p2ASdI-12I

Many Thanks and well wishes.

Benjamin M Prewitt


40 thoughts on “~QUESTION~

  1. Good luck, Ben.
    My favorite three…
    1) “Woman”
    2) Angels and Devils
    3) the new “bamboo” one.

    They’re all stellar and you’ll do fantastic.
    By the way…great job at keeping your head during all this. Your ego hasn’t exploded yet, and that’s kind of a big deal.
    This is quite a journey and time is releaving that 2013 is, indeed, YOUR year, my dear. πŸ™‚
    Congrats of the the progress with your art. You deserve it.


  2. I love the Blue Studio – looks beautiful! I’m very biased to blue, it draws me in! I’ve noticed on my picture and art blog, that blue and red are highly favoured colours for people to like, doesn’t seem to matter too much what the subject is, people are very attracted to them both.

    And I also like youth, that’s very dark and mysterious, and warm too. Looks like something that would hang in an expensive hotel! πŸ˜€


  3. My favorites are:
    Blue Studio
    Angels and Demons
    From Darkness to Light

    Just personal opinion. πŸ™‚
    I am wondering whether it is a better idea to cater to different audiences, for example I know many would love Depth of Woman and Bamboo. Or is it a good idea to really appeal to one group of audience rather than everyone seeing one piece they really like out of three or four in a flyer? Just wondering…


  4. Oh really hard to choose, Benjamin, all of them are amazing!

    But okay, most fascinating to me are
    – Waiting on the Spanish Moon
    – Bamboo
    – Angels and Demons..

    But really, I’d go with all of these paintings! The play of the blue colors on the first drawing is captivating!

    Wish you all the best luck!


  5. I took quite a while to go again through your 2 galleries. It’s really hard to choose, simply because each piece is unique and fantastic.
    If I would have to give this advice purely with my mind I would say that a statement/presentation depends on what you want to show:
    – the different styles, patterns and structures in your painting?
    – your evolution as artist – past, present, new approaches, commisioned work?
    – the most loved of your pieces?
    – the masters that influenced you and present them in paralel with your work(your dad, Pollock, MirΓ³, de Kooning, Dali, Nature) and the big inspiration subjects you have(Sun, Moon, Parkinson series, human nature, feelings)?
    I would personally choose more than 3, rather 8 paintings, your work is too complex to be presented in 3 pieces. I would go more for your present style, since this is who you are right now in your evolution as an artist :

    “Angels and Demons”
    “Into the abyss”
    β€œd’oΓΉ vient ma douleur vivre”
    β€œMe,myself and I”
    β€œDepth of Woman”.

    8 pieces to illustrate your talent in all: styles, masters, evolution, colors, patterns.

    Be proud of yourself and show a more extensive image of your art. You have come really a long way and you will evolve far more than you imagine. You have a talent and passion stronger than anything negative in your life, you never stop to amaze us all with your work, you are truly a stunning artist Benjamin.


  6. for this one post, in this order, and why, you may not care about the why, and that’s ok, but I’ll include it in hopes it is helpful somehow unless you say not to:

    Depth of Woman – creates instant flashback to pre-sexual fantasy and first love – that short-lived scary/joyful time when we’re in awe and don’t quite understand why – powerful shapes, lines and shading/light – perfect dissonance brought to harmony

    Blue Studio – Ovals are my favorite shape, the background shapes and lines let my eye swim there for a while, enjoying the dangers of the ‘noise’, and the ovals, represent safety and respite, a solid foundation where to stand when I tire, the dot, the spot with the least wind/friction/noise, the quiet place to be

    Waiting on the Spanish Moon – Same as for Blue Studio – I see it less as a sphere, and more as a button, if layed flat, a place to run around, the noise maybe a sun spotted forest, the center of the circle a resting spot, higher, safer

    Bamboo – I’m always drawn to enclosed spaces, less to filter… love the light in this and the texture.

    Angels and Demons – I like all the warm colors and the shapes and texture

    From Darkness to Light – I like the shapes and shading. for me this creates feelings of sadness and exhaustion, brought-to-my-knees hopeless kind of feeling, not sure why (not negative just honest). If this were the only one shown I’d still be intrigued to look at the others, if that makes sense.

    Youth – In this one I feel a bit trapped, disconnected. I have to work hard to explore each block, because I feel safer in the circles. Intriguing textures.

    As I can, I’ll go through your galleries and past posts and compile a list and order them, and feedback ‘why’, if that would be helpful, rather than commenting on each one.


    • I’m always intrigued by your perspective on my work and appreciate your insight. Please if you choose to comment on a piece or pieces then by all means do so. It funny that you mention the darkness in youth, I’m youth was a very very dark time in my life, almost a surreal experience, truly. The faded or emerging patterns in youth really represent the small amount of joy that tried desperately to shine through from those days also I felt the patterns were representational of hop scotch or tic tac toe, things and or games from my youth.
      I too have an affinity towards the spherical shape one can find it in my work all the way back to my teen years. For me not only is it pleasing to the eye but metaphorically means so much, from birth or egg to whole and un damaged. Round as in to symbolize motion and or a constant. The sphere is also one of the strongest shapes physically in nature but I’ll stop at that I could really babble about spheres for longer than one should.
      Angels and demons for me personally is a very meaningful piece as its a breakthrough piece symbolizing my faults and strengths as a human on many many levels, far to many to go into detail on here.
      Again thank you for taking the time to comment I truly appreciate the commentary.


      • My pleasure.. I’m glad it’s helpful in some way. I benefit as well; Oddly enough, putting thoughts into words is something I’m only just learning to do… I was born in Oct ’68, so an untentional lie when I said in 78 I was 8… I was led to believe I was two years younger.. I didn’t know my real year of birth until I was an adult, so it was a conditioned response, not intended deception… I was separated from my parents at 5, private residential school until I was 17 and I remember very little of it, so I know about darkness… I’d say I was about 40 when I started to ‘wake up’, then art and a radical diet change has brought me to where I am now, with more memory to the surface every day, of what was done, and what I’ve done… so I roll with it the best I can, and channel it into art and good things. I’ll comment on the posts as I get to them, but there’s no need to respond to each one, I know it takes time and effort… I’ll also make a list to give you with an order of preference for all the pieces, so you have everything in one place, hoping that’s the most helpful… I’m really excited for you with the upcoming show and your recent interview(s)… hoping all good things for you


      • Thank you kindly. I enjoy the conversation. I don’t feel deceived but thank you for the clarification a persons age matters not to me. It’s taken me years to even comprehend some of the images in my head from my youth. I wish you only the best on your journey. It’s an honor thank you for sharing.


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