~ walk with me ~

Greetings from the studio, thanks for joining me, hold one moment please lets out on some music

Come….lets talk and take a little walk.
Come with me back to the mid-80’s

I do my first large piece on Masonite
Styled after Juan Miro
Later 1986-1987 Pollock comes into focus:

And a few random explosions

Can I get you something to drink, no? Okay let’s move to the 90’s and the oils things start to get interesting.

Still one of my favorite pieces
Oh and let’s not for get the 100 yr piece

Very few piece remain from the 90’s as most were sold it given away, so we’ll walk quickly stopping to chat just a moment

Start of mother and child series, I used to be 4 FT x 4 FT


Big Green

Another take on mother and child

And we’ll leave the 90’s behind with something for my Father.
Then what happens you may ask? Benjamin disappears for 10 years? Kinda. Ya know life corporate jobs get intense, raising kids šŸ˜€
Then 2010 comes I’ve been working 60 hrs a week for 20+ years and my body starts getting really stiff, sore I’m fatigued all the time lol I joke that I’m getting old. Oh no life has something else in store for me. Jan 2011 hits and I can barely believe the amount of pain I’m in all of me hurts every morning like I’ve been hit by a truck. This goes on for 7 months finally I’m scared lets stop sucking it up and go to the doctors, sheesh guys go to the doctors ok? From July till November I’m poked prodded, X-rayed, MRI’d more blood is taken in multiple times than the human body has in it at once and they come to the conclusion on 11/4/11 hey you’ve got Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease. Well the other shoe has dropped. So what do I do… I sleep,dream and remember who I was destined to be from birth.
Stay tuned for the last 2 years..


17 thoughts on “~ walk with me ~

  1. Your story is begging to be told — this post made me think it’s time for you to write the book soon ~ autobiography perhaps with some photos of paintings on glossy color print scattered throughout …. can you picture it?
    Enjoyed our walk here – and look forward to part II ~ šŸŒ…


  2. take my small hand in yours, i will come beside you and share your every step, holding you up if you stumble, laugh at the frailties we share… never think about tomorrow for tomorrow never comes. and i like passions and pollock explosions… as always, color is what intrigues me. it speaks a language only the heart hears and recognizes.

    i am walking halls this night, not surprising after the bomb i dropped today, something i am good at. wakes it up, warns of what’s coming… as if it m atters but that now i walk with you. i wish it were in the flesh, i need a strong shoulder to lean on just now. at almost 4am, what’s sleep, my friend, what is sleep. xox

    perhaps you too are awake and awaiting pill time… sleep peacefully if not and thank you for the interlude with yoyoma & back, an unbeatable marriage of compatibility, if such exists. i sincerely doubt it does in reality but one can dream.


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