~Fear and it’s many flavors~

I wrote this poem a while ago and as you may guess its about fear. Fears, really not just one flavor of fear, I’m re-posting thus for a dear friend, so don’t worry I’ll be fast asleep by the time anyone reads this, thus I have been up since yesterday with only 3-4 hrs if sleep.

As the the echoes and daydreams of
my life quickly fade away I’m left with one phrase, incurable. It stays long on my tongue, tastes of sulfur and hate, sadness and fear. My head explodes with panic as I face a very long dark hallway lined with uncertainty and question. This disease robs me of my body and mind a small bit everyday slowly chipping away at who I was as it destroys who I am and want to be. With every breath I fight with pills an prose
With science and prayer yet its tendrils are deep inside my brain sucking the very movement and memory from my soul. Do I ever rest can I sleep for just one day, one small moment of peace, so close to surrender, so far from the light….
Fear not the things you can’t change, but the things you can, but don’t.

7 thoughts on “~Fear and it’s many flavors~

  1. “Fear not the things you can’t change, but the things you can but don’t.”

    Whatever your reasons for posting this now, that one phrase says everything for me today. Thank you.

    Sleep and dream, my friend.


  2. I too was mind-blown by this last phrase~
    “Fear not the things you can’t change, but the things you can but don’t.”
    So very true, my friend. We choose everyday what to make life, even when disabled by it. Often we don’t realize, thinking the weather or the money or or or… but it is all ways upon our hearts to choose what to do with each moment.
    My gratitude, as always, for both your soul and your amazing poetic mind. You are the bell-ringer and I hope he gets some rest…..


    • Thank you for your kind words, I agree we have choices millions of them everyday and how we perceive these choices and how we choose to react upon these perceptions effects us and everything we come in contact with.


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