Songs of War** Not completed

As an artist and person I try to stick to matters of the heart, but every once in a while I’m compelled to do a piece the represents my dislike in something or my concern for a specific matter. As one may guess by the title of this piece it’s about war. My dislike for war my disappointment in our society as a whole to let wars continue to destroy our race and our planet. This piece speaks to the greed and ignorance of our societies governments as the back room deals continue whilst city’s burn and children,mothers,husbands and wives give their lives. It makes me sick to my stomach that WE our humanity continue to let this happen. Enough said. This is a larger piece 36in x 48in

Missiles, acid rain,fire

The fire that burns across the horizon line.


A building and background texture and paint.

20 thoughts on “Songs of War** Not completed

    • Thank you so much, almost done with it needs just a little more something. Hope your flights are going well. I have another piece in the works I’ll post tonight blues,greens,red. Be well


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