New things~ PM paint and music

An Evolution of Art… It’s even in my blog title. I like the process of creating I also like the process of conversation and many things. So in the spirit of this blog I will continue to show the process and on that note:New things small pics, way more coming.


Both pieces are 24 x 24 two different texture styles and my last two panels….. Can you feel the panic in my voice.. Enjoy the night folks.


8 thoughts on “New things~ PM paint and music

  1. So much is about the process isn’t it? And then, there is so much “to process” isn’t there?

    ~ I am soooo sorry to hear you had a rough night Benjamin… Am thinking about you today — and sending strength and energy – and compassion… for you today to manage your MD appointments with ease. Breathe deep friend — much love ~ RLx


    • Yes, yes and thank you. Off to OT. Doc one done. Very hard 😦 breath right lol I wish today I’m so broken sigh.. I really hope you are well and gaining strength for your trip.


      • Sitting in crowded waiting room at my doctor as I type- music in ears. See we are never alone really then~ are we? Broken … Yes that is me too…trying to maintain sanity before the chaos that lies ahead.
        Long exhales …. Hang in .. You will be home –painting away soon. Sending love 🌞R


      • Thank you hope your visit went ok, very emotional day LTD talks with doctors LTD paperwork. It’s hard because I don’t have a “care giver” at home and I have really high expectations put upon me. And I’m a good soldier I’ll get it done even if it kills me. Sorry just bitter and sore, much love and light to you my friend.


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