Goofing around


Hello I’m waiting on others to dry a bit before show and tell later day so here’s me playing with oil paint. She will eventually be a beautiful blue lady kinda… Hopefully lol
Much love


29 thoughts on “Goofing around

  1. Mysterious ~ looks amazing so far Benjamin. Excited to see where you take her.

    How lucky are your followers to watch your artwork unfold like this? Your blog is wonderfully unique this way.?!
    Thank you ~


      • Yes, I’ve been able to come up with a mixture of glazes, varnishes and mixing mediums that I use with the acrylics to create virtually the same look as a oils based paints, but it allows me to paint at the pace I like which is vast. I have so many ideas floating in my head that oils are impractical. Unless I want to wait for 3 weeks for one piece to be done and then charge 1k+ dollars for it.
        Although I am starting a piece today other than the blue lady that will be in my normal expected style except in oils. I hope your well today. I’m in my way to the doctors fun, then back again tomorrow.


      • Thanks for the lesson ~ i understand better now… though you are right- I think you have a formula that gives these the same look as oil. Seems there is no real huge advantage to oil then right ~ other than diversity for you … but the fast pace seems where you want to be.

        Good luck at the medical appointment ~ i have one tomorrow too but it’s just routine / before my trip. Have had an icky day here to be honest… i know i need to get myself off the sleep meds… i don’t take any meds in day and i think when the night med levels fall out of me – I get almost a withdrawal type reaction – which makes pain levels skyrocket. Meds never seem to be my friend, no matter what the doctors say. You are doing ok with yours now? Hope so…


      • Sorry for your not great day. I’m starting to get adjusted to being back which sucks to be honest. It’s easier to forget about the pd when I’m surrounded by distraction. At home it’s all schedule. Meds,naps, errands, bad sleep and pain. It’s easy to say I’m very tired of this part I my life. But the world keeps spinning and I’ll hold in for dear life.


  2. Benjamin, I think I lost my blog. Totally misunderstood what I was getting into. Let’s see what WordPress does. I thought I was moving my wordpress blog to another wordpress blog and not one hosted externally. Anyway, I’m still here. Just blog-less. Will keep you posted. If not, well? Have to learn from my stupid mistake and start over. I don’t even want to read “while horses sleep” anymore… (:


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