Today’s thoughts

In the cradle of like i offer up my soul, i release my armor and hand you my heart.
beware for i am tender as a child guide me with your grace and your guiding light.
This old soldier is tired, shaken to the core for life has stolen my sword.
I ask not for wisdom, courage or stregth,.. Just a safe place to rest my soul –
free from the demons, curses and visions of the past, free from the monsters – that search for my soul..For a thousand years I have wandered this world – chased by ghost, guided by angels. A knight to some a devil to others.- let me rest my head one last time next to your beating heart, let me feel your calming – touch one more last time before the rains start to fall and wash away my dreams.- with hands shaking, heart full of fear, i come to you in the mornings night and beg for your heart, your body,… soul..
To be continued….




19 thoughts on “Today’s thoughts

    • Thank you very much I’m glad you enjoyed. Funny thing about that when I moved that writing from my journeys page to share with the people that don’t keep up on it I copied the to be continued section as well. Oops now many ppl are asking so when’s the next part is coming, my only answer to that is as soon as I’m moved I the right direction it will spill forth and then we’ll have it. I hope you are well.


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