To hear these words is one step closer to knowing me

**Repost Two different Pollock Pastiche
And a piece done in the mid 80’s originally titled 1956



** not that I would ever put myself in a class of painter as Pollock or Picasso but we most certainly draw our passion, peace and longing from the same places.


22 thoughts on “To hear these words is one step closer to knowing me

    • Good point and valid statement I just got tired of people saying oh it looks like a pollock. Which of coarse is flattering, but I’m not pollock I’m Prewitt. Close but I’m still alive.


    • Let me rephrase I don’t wish to be know as a painter by any other name than my own, although I have done some Miro and pollock pastiche using the same techniques as those painters. They are just additions to my own body of work.


  1. well, they are all beautiful… i love them and can see you in them but thought they were pollocks. you do share similar styles.. i like yours better actually tho i know little really about his work.

    definitely from what i can see, i like the bottom best. πŸ™‚ what is the enamel you used?


  2. Great post and I can see the similarities in your work ~ thank you and now I understand. You live in your paintings.

    I enjoyed the clip, whipping that paint around, the dog sitting off to the side and the love of smoking as he tosses the cigarette onto the ground – how times have changed and stayed the same.

    I get Pollock’s thoughts and when a piece I’m painting is really coming along, I end up physically and mentally connecting with it. Makes sense?


    • Absolutely makes sense to me, I get involved and completely lose track of everything. I’ve mentioned it in previous posts but I often feel that the paint and I have a relationship, it’s strange I know but very much how I feel. I certainly have a connection to what I do.


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