iuvenes amore*original post oct,27,2012

As the sun rose I’m left with traces of you
Glimmers of my past, a sweet taste of love long since changed by time.
My heart takes me to that place where we used to meet, thorns not thickets and petals soft as silk.
We were just children then
I remember the taste of your cherry gloss kisses
And my boyish smile , so brave so bold.
Nights of house and let’s pretend
So many what ifs
Now all grown with family’s of our own
Time has changed it all, except one small place in my heart where the roses always grow.



8 thoughts on “iuvenes amore*original post oct,27,2012

  1. Phenomenal Benjamin!! I adored this — in many ways ~ sensitive and wonderful. Love the ‘flashbacks’ ~ ”cherry gloss kisses and games of ‘pretend’ — last line ~ ‘a place in my heart where the roses always grow’ ~ touching as can be. Thank you for this brilliant share today ~ x RL


  2. i am behind you… it seems following your tracks in the wet grass… your words are beautifully tender and sweet, a longing a deeply know of, a pain that never heals… a story to tell that is never spoken. yes, i know…


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